EN Spa


EN is built upon a concept that celebrates the unique needs of different individuals, with bespoke skin treatment tailored for each customer. The tailor-made blends and exquisite treatments bring you closer to your ideals of beauty and perfect skin.
The salon uses top quality products that include extracts of organically grown plants in Japan, and other selected ingredients from across the globe.
Each element of the high quality ingredients are chosen carefully, combining the technologically advanced modern Japan with the traditional Japanese
natural ingredients. Launching the brand “EN” in Paris presents unique new challeng- es for the 20 year-old Japanese cosmetics company, LENOR JAPAN Co., Ltd.
Even with presence in 11 countries around the globe, this will be their first brand to launch from outside of Japan. Paris, France was chosen because it is a hub for cultures both old and new, and has always had a special connection with Japanese culture and traditions. With a joint approach combining French and Japanese con-cepts, “EN” aims to embody the spirit of individuality and the balance of holistic customized treatments, limited not just to skin-care but also reaching out into topics around lifestyle and nutrition.
“EN” is eager to welcome its guests into their special salon, custom designed with an architecture aligned with their concepts, combining traditional French architecture with a blend of the pure minimalist Japanese approach.
We are looking forward to delivering the one-and-only “EN” experience that stays with you both in mind and body, and beyond the doors of the salon.
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