SkinLabo Customer Event – Paris

The Italian Digital Cosmetics and Skincare Brand Shaking Up The Industry. 

SkinLabo Customer Event in Paris in Collaboration with Maison Caviar

The Italian Digital Cosmetics and Skincare Brand Shaking Up The Industry. SkinLabo is a digital Italian beauty brand offering luxury, hard-working cosmetics and skincare, without the premium price tag.

The making of SkinLabo

Founded in Turin, Italy in 2016 by a group of entrepreneurs with extensive experience in the world of cosmetics (including Dior, Guerlain, Giorgio Armani and Bioderma), SkinLabo is a beauty and skincare brand, created with high-science formulations and botanical extracts. The brand takes a ‘clean’ approach to skincare – not using unnecessarily high concentrations of actives, or petroleum and silicone-based ingredients.

SkinLabo sells directly from their website, eliminating middlemen, retail and distribution costs which enables them to keep prices accessible. The result? Everyone can access expertly developed formulations to treat specific skin concerns at an accessible price.

Focusing on natural, high-performing active ingredients, SkinLabo has successfully utilised the latest technologies in ‘green beauty’ to respond to the needs of customers. Their team of expert cosmetologists and chemists study the latest developments in skincare ingredients to offer the very best targeted solutions ensuring effective, long-lasting results. Scientific skincare is met with beautifully designed, delicate formulations with aromas of lotus flower and citrus wood, for a distinctive SkinLabo experience.

Dedicated to easy-to-use skincare, SkinLabo offers a wide selection of targeted products across four lines – anti-age, face, body and eyes & lips. All formulations are dermatologically tested and paraben-free.

Customer satisfaction is at the heart of SkinLabo, with many products created around customer feedback. A 24-hour online beauty consultancy service is available via telephone for a personalised shopping experience.

Green and ethical commitment

Not only made in Italy but also “made with Integrity”; SkinLabo is committed to the environment. Packaging (glass, plastic and paper) comes from recycled materials and is fully recyclable. No SkinLabo products are ever tested on animals.