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In 2020 and since the lock-down measures, the Italian digital cosmetics brand has experienced strong growth in Europe. We take a look back at this success story with its Founder and President, Angelo Muratore (Photo). – LAPR


When did you create Skinlabo and why?

At the end of 2016, we had a dream: to make high-end cosmetics within everyone’s reach. In January 2017, we started our online sales on skinlabo.com and very quickly realised that this dream matched a market expectation and was taking shape.


What is the picture like today?

Skinlabo is present in four markets: Italy, Spain, Germany and, since 2021, France, with a catalogue of 40 anti-ageing and anti-impurity skincare references. More than 500,000 customers have already been able to test and appreciate the quality of our products, benefit from person- alised advice online and talk with our beauty consultants in 6 languages.

On social networks, an interna- tional community of customers is proactively participating in our cosmetics revolution. And is currently growing at a rate of 60,000 new customers per month.


What are the strengths of the brand?

Its presence throughout Europe through 9 “vertical stores”, each in a specific language. Its direct interaction with the consumer. Through the Internet, the customer buys his products directly, with no intermediary, and takes part in their elaboration by expressing his expectations. This fast adaptation is made possible thanks to an extremely reactive production chain that can develop a product (design, production and marketing) in less than three months. Affordable prices because unnecessary costs are eliminated. And formulas designed following a strict selection of natural ingredients and high-performance actives, in compliance with European regulations.


What about tomorrow?

We plan to broaden our product range to other categories such as make-up or haircare. In 2020, we achieved sales of €5.7 m. We are targeting €20 m in 2021. And, before the end of 2024, we expect to exceed 4 million customers in Europe and the United States, with a turnover of €64m. 

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SKINLABO, la première marque de cosmétiques 100% digitale qui bouscule le secteur de la beauté. Fondée en 2016 par Angelo Muratore, Skinlabo affiche une croissance insolente, à faire pâlir la