Raquel Balencia


Raquel was naturally drawn to the world of fashion. First, as a model, working for leading fashion houses, her career took her from asia to africa and from the united states to the middle east, throughout europe, and more particularly, italy. From this period, she recalls vibrant colours, voluptuous curves and her admiration for women who know how to make the most of themselves.
With her years of experience and a more focused vision of the world, raquel decided to launch her own debut collection that, with flowing gowns, embroideries, delicate nuances, gilded fabrics and floral prints, would highlight the utmost in femininity.
Raquel draws her inspiration from her surroundings and passion for design, architecture,
Her creations reflect the strength of the women of her childhood, the women she encountered on her travels and the many faces and the beauty of women today.
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