S’UVlMOL takes pride in creating a piece of art from the world’s finest skins. Ostrich from Africa, python from Japan, crocodile from S’UVIMOL very own breeding farm guarantee the quality of the leather. A family-run artisan factory constructs genuine works, handmade from the selected exotic piece. Each handbag and accessory, is absolutely unique thanks to the careful attention that goes into every aspect of the manufacturing process; from the selection of materials to artisan craftsmanship.
Presenting exotic skins in the best light is our brand commitment. Versatility, sophistication yet easy-chic concept create the geometric-inspired design. With excellent craftsmanship , precious exotic leather, along with color variety, S’UVIMOL aims to create happy medium between everyday functionality and one-of-a-kind design. At S’UVIMOL, we continually strive to exceed all quality expectation.
Today, we maintain the elevated quality standards at every step of the production. We also take great pride in providing nothing but the best in customer service to our clients.
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